Jeff has plenty of his work currently available to readers everywhere. Be sure to track these titles down from your favorite book source!


Dragon Girl: The Secret Valley

Written and illustrated by Jeff Weigel • Published by Andrews McMeel

Eleven-year-old Alanna and her brother, Hamel, are orphans doing their best to make their way in a grim world until Alanna stumbles upon a cave full of dragon eggs. When the eggs hatch and a mother comes to claim the babies, Alanna is swept along on an adventure beyond her wildest imaginings as they journey to Dragon Rock, whose mysterious force draws dragons of all shapes and sizes to a magical, untouched valley. But when the valley is threatened by outsiders, Alanna must join forces with a mysterious explorer to save the dragons' homeland. Kids will love this graphic novel adventure, filled with action, adventure, suspense and humor.


"Weigel has created a compulsively likable heroine who seamlessly blends her strength and compassion, reminiscent of Ben Hatke’s Zita the Spacegirl. With lovable dragons, flying ships and danger around every corner, this delightful fantasy doesn’t disappoint. Get this charmer into the hands of fans of Jeff Smith’s Bone series and its spinoffs." -Kirkus Reviews

"Weigel, who has tackled superheroes (Atomic Ace [He’s Just My Dad]), the high seas (Thunder from the Sea), and monsters (The Monster Alphabet) in previous books, sets his sights on dragons for this genre adventure, employing detailed b&w inkwork and throwback storytelling to create a lively yarn whose only fault is that it’s over too soon. Alanna’s ingenuity, daring, warmth, and sense of humor make the prospect of future adventures a welcome one. " -Publishers' Weekly


The Sphinx

Written and illustrated by Jeff Weigel • Published by Pulp 2.0

Who is The Sphinx? Adventurer? Entrepreneur? Mankind’s saviour? That’s been the question on everyone’s mind since Peter Chefren appeared out of nowhere and saved countless lives with his daring spirit and almost magical technology. But who exactly is The Mysterious Sphinx? Find out as PULP 2.0 collects all of his adventures together with exclusive bonus material on this multi-dimensional mystery man. Direct from the BIG BANG COMICS COLLECTION comes the Graphic Novel Beyond Imagination!


"Whether you're new to Jeff Weigel's "The Sphinx" or like me you read the Big Bang Comics issues featuring this great character, you're in for a treat all the same. Jeff Weigel's artwork combines the classic naturalism of Curt Swan and Murphy Anderson and is always in service to the story. And what an excellent story it is. In my opinion Jeff Weigel should be a household name in households where comic books are loved and appreciated for the joys only they can deliver. If you're an old fanboy like me or a relatively new reader of comics I can't recommend "The Sphinx" enough." -Anthony Figueroa


Stop Math: an interactive storybook app for iPad

Written and illustrated by Jeff Weigel

Travel from the future back through time and space with young Sparks and his robot dog, Widget, as they search for the diabolical genius who invented math. Their mission: to end math homework and stop this mathematical mastermind from ruining the lives of kids everywhere! But when our hero crosses paths with the likes of Albert Einstein and Isaac Newton, he learns more than he bargained for.

With exciting, engaging artwork, lively narration from a kid’s point of view, and playful, interactive animation, STOP MATH introduces kids to concepts like Arabic numbers, Roman numerals, relativity theory and gravitational attraction—all explained with fun and easy-to-understand interactive diagrams. Young readers also use simple math themselves, helping Sparks and Widget navigate their trip through time with the amazing Chronoport Calculator.

Visit to learn more and see a video trailer for this unique storybook app.

"It offers a captivating story, lots of interactive features and a nice way for your kids to understand that math is not only about homework but a lot more. The kids really enjoyed...highly recommend!"

"This e-book is fabulous! The story is funny and engaging – perfect for the third grade+. Kids will love the realistic artwork. Stop Math connects math to history & science in a way that kids will enjoy. Perfect to use with an entire class to get them more excited about math, to help them understand the history of math, to emphasize how math is connected to science, and more! Wow!!" -AppyDazeBlog

"Stop Math is a unique educational storybook app that kids cannot refuse."

"No matter whether the kids love math or hate math, they will love Stop Math. It is a fun read for all ages. Stop Math will make your kids love math!" -iGameMom

"The colors are rich, and the 1970s-comic-book-style characters have personality. A fun, well-paced story. -Kirkus Reviews


The Monster Alphabet

By Michael P. Spradlin • Illustrations by Jeff Weigel • Published by Price Stern Sloan

With this collaboration between Jeff and writer Mike Spradlin, a whole new generation of little kids is sure to get excited about learning their ABCs once they discover that A stands for abominable snowman, F stands for Frankenstein's monster, and S is for sasquatch. The Monster Alphabet is published by Price Stern Sloan.


Every Zombie Eats Somebody Sometime:
A Book Of Zombie Nursery Rhymes

By Michael P. Spradlin • Illustrations by Jeff Weigel • Published by HarperCollins

Author Mike Spradlin and Jeff have hatched another volume of zombie rhymes for a panting public. This time out, they're desecrating classic nursery rhymes! This volume contains over 50 twisted illustrations, all guaranteed to give a you new perspective on some of the characters originally brought to your acquaintance by your loving mom or a kindly teacher. That probably won't be happening so much with these...but then, who are we to criticize anyone's child rearing choices. If you want to buy this book for your kids, knock yourselves out. You might need to buy them a night light to go with it, though.


Every Zombie Eats Somebody Sometime:
A Book Of Zombie Love Songs

By Michael P. Spradlin • Illustrations by Jeff Weigel • Published by HarperCollins

Here's the perfect book for readers with a love so strong it refuses to die—it's the latest collaboration between Jeff and author Michael P. Spradlin, Every Zombie Eats Someboby Sometime: A Book of Zombie Love Songs. This follow-up to the New York Times bestseller, It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Zombies: A Book of Zombie Christmas Carols, is another combination of Mike Spradlin's loving lyrics and Jeff's deathless drawings. Classic tunes like "You've Lost That Livin' Feeling", "You're the One That I Chomp" and "I Can't Stop Chewin' You" will melt the hardest of hearts (even if the cause is rigor mortis). The books has over fifty tender depictions of love that's gone unchecked despite the fact that the lovers themselves have checked out. Plus there are portraits of some of popular music's greatest artists, from Sinatra and Dino to John Lennon and Buddy Holly. Sure, they're all dead now, but that doesn't seem to be stopping them!


It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Zombies:
A Book Of Zombie Christmas Carols

By Michael P. Spradlin • Illustrations by Jeff Weigel • Published by HarperCollins

A New York Times bestseller for five weeks in 2009! With a foreword by Christopher Moore and jaw-dropping (literally) sketches accompanying each carol, this book takes over two dozen Christmas carols and shreds them limb from limb, rewriting them from a zombie's point-of-view. The perfect holiday gift for humor lovers and anyone needing a break from Christmas-as-usual—pick up your copy today! If you dare to find out more, go to


Thunder From The Sea:
Adventure On Board The HMS Defender

Written and illustrated by Jeff Weigel • Published by G.P. Putman's Sons

This exciting graphic novel for kids follows the adventures of Jack Hoyton, a twelve-year-old orphan who finds himself thrown into world-altering events. When Jack joins the British Navy he is assigned to sail aboard a frigate named The Defender as it struggles against the onslaught of Napoleon's invasion forces.

• A Junior Library Guild Spring 2010 selection
• A New York Public Library 100 Children's Books selection for 2010.

"This rousing naval adventure, seen through the eyes of an orphaned ship’s boy during the Napoleonic Wars, offers a rich mix of fact, fiction, and pulse-pounding action."
—New York Public Library

"This [book] will lure in young readers with exciting seafaring adventure (and conflict) and fascinating factual tidbits. It offers a well-rounded, if brief, picture of the period. The illustrations, maps, and diagrams are chock-full of details. A rich reading and visual experience."
—School Library Journal


Atomic Ace And The Robot Rampage

Written and illustrated by Jeff Weigel • Published by Albert Whitman & Company

The sequel to Atomic Ace (He's Just My Dad). Atomic Ace may be a superhero, but he's still a normal dad. And it starts out as an ordinary day for Ace and his family until the evil Roboconqueror sends his mechanoid army after Ace's son. Suddenly, a dull day at school is turned into a race against robots! With Ace busy in space, who on Earth can save the day?

A Children' Choice 2007 Award Winner


Atomic Ace (He's Just My Dad)

Written and illustrated by Jeff Weigel • Published by Albert Whitman & Company

So what's it like living with Atomic Ace, a dad who is also a world-famous superhero? It's not as weird as you might think. After all, Ace is always there to fix Saturday lunch, play ball with his son, and to do all the other stuff a typical dad does. Mom is just Mom and Dad is just Dad—they're a normal family! But a normal dad can sometimes mess up...and that's what happens when Atomic Ace meets his ruthless nemesis, Insect King. Suddenly, this normal family is stressed!

A Parents' Choice 2004 Recommended Award Winner and a Children' Choice 2005 Award Winner

"Weigel's bright, expressive artwork harkens back to the '60s and is quite appealing. The rhyming text never misses a beat."
—School Library Journal (Starred Review)

"A piece of work which is most amusing and certainly a great tribute to all dads, 'normal' and superhero. Illustrations explode with color and action...a very unique book."
—Through The Looking Glass Children's Book Review


Curt Swan: A Life In Comics

By Eddy Zeno • Designed by Jeff Weigel • Published by Vanguard Productions

The elegant artwork of Curt Swan (1920-1996) defined the look of Superman for over 30 years. His amazing skills of storytelling, draftsmanship, and design brought a realism and sense of wonder to The Man of Steel's adventures, making them the best-selling comic books of their day. Filled with iconic and previously unseen artwork, this fascinating biography traces the artist's career from the beginning on titles like "Gangbusters" to his widespread regard as one of the Deans of American comics. Fascinating one-on-one interviews with Curt Swan's family members as well as comics legends Joe Kubert, Carmine Infantino, Murphy Anderson, and dozens more paint a portrait of the artist as elegant as the artist's work itself. The book even features an interview with Jeff discussing how Curt Swan's legacy has influenced his own work in comics and children's books.

A nominee for the 2003 Eisner Award for Best Comics-Related Publication.


Big Bang Comics

Featuring the comic book writing and illustration of Jeff Weigel •
Published by Image Comics

It's evident from Jeff's work that he loves comics, especially those from his childhood in the 1960s and 1970s. For over ten years, he's contributed as both a writer and an artist to Image Comics' anthology title, Big Bang Comics, which strives to recreate the fun and wonder of those four-color days of yore. If you're lucky, you can still find some of his comic book work available directly from his pals at Big Bang.